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Level 5 Mentoring – What is Level 5 Mentoring?

What is Level 5 Mentoring?

Level 5 Mentoring was created by Brian Ridgway who spent over $150,000 on personal development and over 20 years on his own personal development journey.  Brian is holding FREE Level 5 Mentoring webinars where he reveals breakthroughs and mind shattering transformations.

Personally Brian helped me create a few breakthroughs in my life.  Brian helped me identify 1 major area of my life where I was actually focusing on what I did NOT want to experience.  The moment when I wake up and begin my day.  I knew it intellectually to wake up and to get a good start to the day but I did notice that over the past year I was NOT focusing on exactly what I wanted to create in my life.

Brian brought to my awareness the idea of creating magical experiences in my life and that the first part of your day is the most important part of anyone’s day because it’s how you set the tone and super charge your emotions.  So go ahead and try thinking about the magical experiences that you wish to create right in the morning when you wake up.

It’s super powerful and in fact after attending the Level 5 Mentoring Webinar with Brian as well as a personal consultation session I was able to land 3 NEW business deals that are going to be worth over 7 Figures in the next 6 months alone.

So I’m pretty stoked about Level 5 Mentoring and what it’s doing for my life, my personal relationships and my business life that I HIGHLY recommend that you at least give yourself 1 hour with Brian on one of these upcoming webinars.  it will be one of the best spent hours you’ve spent in a long while.

Level 5 Mentoring Bonus?

You bet, I FULLY support Brian and Level 5 mentoring to the max.  It has been transforming lives since day 1.  Literally day 1 Level 5 Mentoring has been transforming the lives of the people who both speak with Brian personally and people who attend the webinars that Brian holds every week.  It’s touching to see the lives of so many people changed.  People going from stuck to un-stuck.

That’s awesome!

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